(High Tech Models : 425 MT, 600 MT, 750 MT, 900 MT, 1000 MT, 1250 MT, 1600 MT)


X type Guides is provided for Cross Head and Container guiding. The surface contact between the sliding parts is designed to make large contact area to maintain the alignment accurately and to increase the life of Phosphor Bronze Wear Plate. The added advantage of X type guides is that the container and the Thrust Rod Cross Head can be aligned with respect to the Die in the cold state of the container. 

The container Mantle is manufactured from special alloy forging equivalent to En24 alloy. The Sleeve is manufactured from Nickel, Chrome and Molybdenum Alloy Steel to maintain the hardness even at temperatures of 430 degree Celsius. The Container mantle and the sleeve is machined and hardened. The sleeve is then shrink fitted into the Mantle with correct interference. The Container Assembly is then honed to get correct size and better surface finish for smoother extrusion.


The Shear frame is fabricated from standard steel plates, Stress relived and is precisely machined to guide the Solid moving frame through out its stroke. The Shear blade is manufactured from Forged Alloy Steel and is mounted on a solid moving frame.


The Main Moving Head is cast from weld able quality Steel Casting as per IS: 1030 Grade 280-520W A,N & T and precisely machined and the parallelism of the faces is maintained accurately for the precise linear movement of the Extrusion Thrust Rod (Stem). The Thrust Rod is manufactured from Nickel, Chrome, molybdenujm Alloy Steel and is machined and heat treated to get the required Hardness. Then it is ground to better finish. Individual alignment of punch without the movement of the moving cross head by four numbers of bolts.


Unistationed Single / Cassette type Die Slide with two die stations to accommodate the Tool stack. The die station is changed by an aux. Cylinder provided. A Push Through Hole to remove sticker billets is provided at one end of the die slide. The Die Slide acts as Auxiliary Shear in between the Tool Stack and the pressure Plate of the End Frame.


The Power Pack, Oil Tank together with pumps of International Reputed make is mounted on the top of the Main Cylinder with supports or columns at the rear end. The pumps are individually driven by separate Electric motors and are mounted outside the tank for easy maintenance and inspection. The Hydraulic System is designed as per the latest trends in the Hydraulic Machines using Cartridge type logic elements as per international standards, which helps in handling huge flow of oil. The said Hydraulic System has advantages such as easy change of sequence, short switching time, smooth operation , reduced leakage, longer life and hence lesser inventory.


Description Units


Extrusion Capacity M.Tons 425 600 900 1600
Hydraulic System Pressure Kg / cm2 210 210 210 210
Container Bore (Cust. to Specify) mm 90-110 100-125


Container Length mm 460 520 550 700
Container Stroke mm 180 200 200 300
Nominal Billet Length mm 400 480 500 650
Extrusion Speed mm / sec 10.4 9.8 10.4 10
Billet Upsetting Capacity M.Tons 64 43 64 145
Container Stripping Capacity M.Tons 44 64 95 160
Container Sealing Capacity M.Tons 28 43 71 116
Die Slide Capacity M.Tons 11 16 16 26
Vertical Shear Capacity M.Tons 22 22 25 53
Container Pre-Heating Power kw 12 18 24 32
Motor Capacity hp x nos 30x2+5x1=65hp 40x2+5x1=85hp 75x2+5x1=155hp 120x2+5x1=245hp
Nominal Oil Tank Capacity Liters 1200 2000 2500 3500
Approx. Overall Size ( L x B x H ) Mtrs 6.3x3.25x2.6 5.9x2.5x2.95 8.5x3.7x3.8 11x4.5x4.3
Note : Specifications / Illustrations are subject to change without prior notice, due to constant improvements.
Speeds given are based on theoretical calculations and may differ in actual practice.